Conifer, Co

Bluestribute Magazine OFFICIAL Issue #1

We’re proud to bring you the first official issue of what we hope to be the beginning of something awesome! As you know, we started off doing videos and photos for local bands, and we just really love local music (maybe it’s the idea of helping someone not quite there get a little closer to their goals. I don’t know), so that’s the inspiration for this magazine idea and the future of it. Anyways, this issue if more of an “Introducing” issue as it’s just about different bands you might not know about!

We are very excited, and hope you are too for what the next issues bring. Obviously, formatting and that jazz will get better as we progress, but I’m very happy with this.

Thanks to all the bands and people who helped with this issue. You should go check them out. Also, some of them will be appearing regularly in the magazine, so those are the ones you see in the “thanks” section in the beginning. If you notice any problems with this issue please let us know!

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