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Bluestribute Denver Issue #4

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this will be a rough outline type of post for the final paper.  

[after a montage of events]  

this will also represent the thesis  

My collection of memories with this girl are the best of all that I have.  While I miss her more than anything in the world I have realized something.  Some one once told me, “It’s about the good memories that you have and that you can look back on and smile.”  This sticks true to me. The pain hurts so much but optimism will always prevail.

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I am rather excited about the creative non-fiction assignment. As I have a wonderful collection of personal memories. A series of which stick out in my mind with great interest. There was a girl. A girl I loved for 2 years and still do to this day. I would like to use (in my paper) the memories of this particular girl. Almost a memoir of our relationship. The reason this would be a great topic is that I can use a montage of great extent. I can separate out our relationship with montages of our great times and our not so great times. then. in the end I can use reflection to see the bigger meaning behind our relationship.

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When reviewing my research topic on Jerry N. Ulesmann, I realize this was a terrible choice for a research topic.  It was really difficult to have a specific thesis, and if I did find one, there was far too much lack of information to support it.  I felt as if I were summarizing his live, versus researching his work and style of photography.  While I could answer these specific thesis statements/ support, there was not enough information to fill in the required space of multiple pages. 

Another problem that extends after the prior one, is that there were far too limited sources to find information to support the thesis statement.  I found only one book which summarized his life, and then only one website (his own) that provided very limited information. 

I found that the best way to receive information on his style was to analyze and research primary sources such as his photography in general.  This process is yet another difficult one as his work is highly copyrighted  and difficult to find any more than his up most famous photos.  I ended up spending close to 100 dollars on books of his work.  This included the one biography that was done about him.  

To sum up my review of said research paper we can conclude that it was tedious and I jumped far out of my league when preparing my thesis.  As the research process included far more than what I was capable of executing.  I feel that this would be a better topic to write/ research about on someone’s free time.  Perhaps someone who has a far greater passion for Jerry N. Ulesmann’s work than I would be able to write a far better paper or even a montage of media to present and represent Jerry N. Ulesmann’s work, and support a better prepared thesis.  

Bluestribute Denver #3

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Bluestribute Denver Issue 2!

Here is issue 2 of Bluestribute Denver! Featuring Syke 96 and others, it’s got a lot to give. We got a ton of photos, so we’re going to be playing with the layout of picture heavy articles between now and the next issue. Leave any comments about that as well so we can improve!

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I also want to briefly outline what Men Of Music is (if you read the Final Thoughts): It’s a free music summer camp in low-income areas for kids that can’t afford to go to a music class (and in areas where it’s not offered in schools). The goal is to teach them theory and technique and to end the summer with a concert! Then let them keep their instruments so they can practice even after the camp. So that’s what we’re going to try to do.

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Today my most relevant source for this paper is the book Jerry N. Uelsmann: Twenty-Five Years, a Retrospective. This book was written by James Enyeart and Carl Chiarenza. It is a photographic text book that goes over Ueslmann’s work in detail. The book is still on order and I won’t be able to view it until next week. This post will be updated when the book arrives.

I have now recieved The book and must say it is brilliant!  The book goes over Uelsmann’s work from his early years with single negatives to his later more reconizable work.  It tells how Uelsmann’s work is inspired by specific people and events.  I loved this book!  It is very useful and since I love Uelsmann’s work I esspecially love the second half which is a gallery of his many popular peices for the readers enjoyment.